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Remembering Prof. K.G.Naik (1932-2007)

by Prin. G.V. Bhat


Portrait of Prof. K.G.Naik

Prof. K.G. Naik was the founder Principal of Gokhale Centenary College, Ankola (1966 –1990) and Secretary of Kanara Welfare Trust (1970 – 2007) started by Dr. Dinakar Desai a great educationist. 

Prof. K.G.Naik was born in 1932, in Bankikodla, near Kumta in North Kanara district. He received his B.Sc.(Hons) in Mathematics and M.Sc. in Mathematics from Karnataka University. He was a merit scholar through out his studies. He started his career as Lecturer in Mathematics at Kabbur Institute of Engineering, Dharwad and later as Head of Mathematics Department at Karnataka College Dharwad.   He was nominated for the Vice Chancellor position at Karnataka University.

D.C. Pavate, the first Vice- Chancellor of Karnataka University noticed this dynamic, hardworking, dedicated young man and recommended him to Dr. Dinkar Desai, who was in search of an efficient person to lead the college. Prof K.G Naik served as Principal for 24 years. He was called the brain child of Dr. Dinakar Desai (“Manasa Putra”).  He implemented Dr. Dinakar Desai’s plan of establishing the college in Ankola.

Shortly after his appointment for the coveted post, Prof. Naik said “What I have in mind is participation through mind, heart and spirit in the progress of the institution, not merely contributing to the progress but to its growth”. Prof. Naik lived up to his words and to the expectations of Dr. Desai till his retirement and even after.

Prof. Naik was an educationist in the true sense. Academic reforms he brought about in the college during his tenure as Principal still remains a guiding lamp for others.

Much before the University Grants Commission underlined the importance of tutorial system, Prof. Naik introduced it in his college. He firmly believed that tutorial systems provide individual attention and thus strengthen learning – teaching process.

During the 24 year period as Principal,  Prof K.G Naik through his vision, passion, carefully planned schemes and foresight helped shape the destiny of the college and transformed it into one of the prestigious institutions affiliated with Karnataka University.

As founder principal, Prof. Naik was instrumental in shaping the college campus and curriculum, in getting grants for the college on a regular basis from the government.  He was known for his discipline, leadership, integrity, and commitment. The college was named one of the best colleges in Karnataka State.  He promoted excellence. He had tremendous work ethic, determination, and drive. He authored books in Mathematics.  Dom Moraes well known writer, poet and columnist, who has published nearly 30 books,  in his book “Open Eyes Journey through Karnataka” credited Prof. K.G. Naik for his leadership and called Gokhale Centenary College as the flagship of Kanara Welfare Trust.  Dr. Shivram Karant who gained international recognition to Yakshagana praised the sprawling college campus, its tradition and discipline. Its educational standard, its devoted and committed members of the staff and leadership.

Prof. Naik served as founder President of Dr. Dinakar Desai Pratisthan, Ankola. He also served as President of Karnataka Sangh, Ankola and President of Nudijenu Dashmanotsava Samiti.  He  was member on the Programme Advisory Committee, All India Radio, Dharwad. He served as District President for Karnataka Rajya Vijnan Parishat, Uttar Kannada District.

Some of Prof. K.G. Naik’s well known Radio talks were

1.      “Ramanujan, the Mathematician”

2.      “The Shape of Space”

3.     “Mathematical perspective of Nature”

4.     “Rt. Hon’ble V.S.Sreenivas Shastry”

5.     radio feature on “Dr. Dinakar Desai”

He delivered two lectures on “Transitivity Model of Positive Sentiment in Social Groups” at Mehta research Institute of Mathematics and Mathematical Physics at Allahabad.

The "Kanara Welfare Trust" celebrated Golden Jubilee recently. It has today 37 schools in 18 centers with more than 10,000 students.


Govind Narayan, Governor of Karnataka

Vasantrao Dempo, Goa


Kangal Hanumantayya,  Chief Minister of Karnataka State


Dom Moraes, writer, poet and columnist






Morarji Desai, Prime Minister of India

Dr. Shivaram Karant, Poet



Ramakrishna Hegde, Chief Minister, Karnataka State